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Magic Mixies Cauldron Blue

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Are you ready to see something magical and enchanting?
You'll be completely blown away when you see what magically appears from the mist when your enchantment is complete - but who will you magically create?

All the magical ingredients you need are included, as well as a very special wand that you can use to mix the potion that magically makes a cute little plush friend appear - it's pure magic!

But in order for it to appear, you must first read the spell, which is described in the small accompanying Spell Book. Then add the magical ingredients such as Crystal Gem & Magic Feather to your cauldron - one step at a time. Each ingredient is instrumental in bringing the sweet little friend to life. You have to keep an eye on the green light and tap your wand three times to see it react by lighting up and making different sounds - all while going through the different steps of the spell.

Is your little new friend peeking out now?

  • From 5 years
  • Responds to touch
  • Reacts to your wand
  • Can grant you a wish when their gem glows
  • The more you care for your friend, the stronger the energy level will be
  • Over 50 sounds and reactions
  • You can place it back in the pot and repeat the magic reveal over and over

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